Landmark Montea Battery deal (16.7 MWh)

Utrecht, June 13th 2024 – iwell, a specialist in battery hardware and Energy Management software, announces the closure of the EU’s largest battery deal with Montea, a renowned logistics real estate investor and developer. This agreement encompasses 16.7 MWh of energy storage across six projects, all strategically located next to large-scale distribution centers in Belgium.

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Growth

Montea’s decision to partner with iwell underscores the strength of iwell’s local Energy Management software, top-tier battery hardware and 8 years of experience in Commercial and Industrial (C&I) storage solutions.

“We are thrilled to support Montea’s bold vision in pioneering ESG policies and more importantly implementation of real-world projects,” said Jan Willem de Jong, CEO and co-founder at iwell. “Our advanced algorithms and self-learning capabilities will not only help Montea achieve its sustainability targets but also provide a robust shield against energy price volatility, fostering a more sustainable business model.”

Strategic Expansion into Belgium

With this agreement, iwell continues its strategic expansion across Europe. Rather than simply replicating the Dutch approach, iwell is redefining the product-market fit for Belgian clients. While the technical core remains unchanged, local knowledge and adaptability enables iwell to position itself as a leading European BESS and EMS provider. Already established in Germany and the Netherlands, iwell is now set to bring its innovative energy solutions to Belgium. All six projects are scheduled for installation in 2024, marking a significant step forward in the region’s energy landscape.

Montea’s Commitment to Sustainability

Dirk Van Buggenhout, Montea’s Chief Sustainability Officer: “These projects showcase that sustainable management of our warehouses is not only feasible but also essential for the future. Our partnership with iwell empowers us to fully leverage locally generated energy, thereby reducing our reliance on external energy sources.”

About Montea

Montea develops and invests in logistics real estate that is fit both for the future and the specific needs of its clients, including Amazon and DHL. Through strong partnerships and deep expertise, it focuses on creating long-term, sustainable value.   Montea  creates future-proof distribution centers in Belgium, the Netherland, France and Germany. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Montea continues to set benchmarks in the industry.

About iwell

iwell is at the forefront of battery hardware and Energy Management software solutions, delivering innovative and sustainable energy solutions for large-scale industrial and logistical operations. With a strong presence in Germany, The Netherlands, and now Belgium, iwell is committed to driving the energy transition across Europe.

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