Power Cube

Batterijoplossing voor Zonnepanelen

With the Power Cube, we reduce the
mismatch between generation and consumption
of solar energy.

zonnepanelen batterij

On average, solar panel owners feed 70-75% of their electricity back into the grid. You can do it smarter! With the help of the Power Cube sla je zonnestroom op voor momenten dat de zon niet schijnt. Zo gaat er minder zonnestroom verloren door het lokaal te benutten met een batterij voor zonnepanelen.

The mismatch between generation and consumption of solar power.

Generation of solar power
Electricity usage in kWh →
Consumption of electricity
Time →

Because of the Power Cube we can
charge cars faster, without
needing a heavier grid connection

iwell de slimme batterijsysteem
Zoek je een batterijoplossing voor zonnepanelen, laadpalen of netproblemen. Klik hier.

Become the master of your own energy

No mismatch generation and consumption
Solar power, even when the sun is not shining.

Investment security of solar panels.
Independent of uncertain net-metering regime

Additional CO2 reduction
Thanks to local use of solar power

An integrated energy system
The battery distributes clean power in a smart and effective manner

Meet Power Cube!

System specifications

- AC power per Power Cube is 30kW (400V)
• Capaciteit batterijen is 35 kWh
- Modularly expandable in steps of 30kW(h) up to a maximum of 210kW(h)
- Dimensions: 70x60x80 (LxWxH in cm)
- Weight is 500kg per Power Cube

"I want to be a front runner when it comes to sustainability, iwell makes this possible."

– Jan Blankendaal, Blankendaal B.V.

Cube as an investment

Invest in Cube and make an important step in making your energy supply more durable.

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Lease Cube

Want to save money and be more sustainable without the investment? Discover what iwell lease can do for you.