Housing corporations

Housing corporations

More and more housing corporations are becoming aware of the impact they have on the climate/earth. This makes sustainability a very important aspect of the housing business. But did you know sustainability can go hand in hand with reducing costs? With Cube, iwell’s smart battery system, you help build a sustainable future while saving money on your energy bill in the process. Lots of housing corporations use these lower costs to realise a deduction of monthly costs for their inhabitants. Creating affordable housing for an increasing amount of people.

Pro's of Cube for housing corporations

More sustainable

Storage of clean energy from the sun and the wind

Save money

A smaller connection to the energy grid means less monthly costs


Self-sustaining and independant of anonymous energy suppliers


Live insight in your energy generation and carbon dioxide2savings


Digital performance monitoring and preventive maintenance service 24/7

Cube as an investment

Invest in Cube and make an important step in making your energy supply more durable.

Lease Cube

Want to save money and be more sustainable without the investment? Discover what iwell lease can do for you.

Want to know more?

Curious about our smart battery system? We would love to meet and tell you more about the possibilities. Read about our way of working here Or contact us to set a meeting!!

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