Housing corporations

Every housing corporation is working to make their properties more sustainable. In large-scale maintenance, renovation and new construction. At the same time, there is a lot of pressure on housing corporations. The government, rightly or wrongly, sees them as a driver of sustainability.

But what measures do you take as a housing corporation? How do you prevent them from being at the expense of affordable housing?
And, what can I learn from other housing corporations?

With Cube, iwell's smart battery, you help build tomorrow's energy supply and realise annual savings on grid management costs today. Many housing corporations pass on these savings directly as a reduction in the service costs they charge their tenants. This way, they make affordable living possible for more people. At the same time, we help with the integration of (existing) solar panels and possibly charging stations.

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Many housing corporations have preceded you

Iwell now works for more than 25 housing corporations and
real estate investors. We would like to put you in contact with other
housing corporations to exchange experiences. Let us know if
we can help you further.

Check the references.

The benefits for housing corporations

More sustainable

Storage of clean energy from the sun and the wind

Save money

A smaller connection to the energy grid means less monthly costs


Self-sustaining and independant of anonymous energy suppliers


Live insight in your energy generation and carbon dioxide2– an saves money
24 uur iwell batterij


Digital performance monitoring and preventive maintenance service 24/7

Cube as an investment

Invest in Cube and make an important step in making your energy supply more durable.

batterij lease icoon

Lease Cube

Want to save money and be more sustainable without the investment? Discover what iwell lease can do for you.

These housing corporations have preceded you

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