Various municipalities have the energy transition as one of their focal points. An energy-neutral municipality, neighbourhoods without gas, solar and wind projects. There are many ways to get your municipality a little bit greener. However, this is something a municipality cannot do alone. It requires cooperation with (social) partners. We have noticed that going greener with municipalities can hit a snag when the plans need to be specified. iwell helps local municipalities to achieve their sustainable goals. With Cube, our smart battery, you will can build the energy supply of tomorrow. And did you know, that achieving sustainable goals and saving money can go hand in hand?

Municipality real-estate

Start today by setting an example and start making your real-estate more self-sustaining.

Homeowners associations

Work together to make houses owned by homeowners associations greener today

Housing corporations

Work together to make appartment complexes greener

We help you find tangible things you can do today as a municipality when it comes to energy storage. What are the options, where to find the greatest financial gains, how to achieve the highest carbon dioxide reduction2-besparing mogelijk is en hoe je als gemeente maatschappelijke partners kunt stimuleren om steeds duurzamer te denken en te doen. We ondersteunen de gemeente in haar regierol en helpen om speerpunten in het duurzaamheidsbeleid met betrekking tot vastgoed te realiseren. Hierbij kun je denken aan eigen vastgoed, zoals scholen en sportcomplexen, maar ook aan de samenwerking met VvE’s en woningcorporaties binnen de gemeente.

or how you can stimulate social partners to think and do things in a more sustainable way. We support local government in taking the lead when it comes to sustainability. This ranges from their own real estate, to the local schools or sport clubs, but also their cooperation with local housing corporations.
The bank Nederlandse Gemeente has also accentuated the importance of energy storage. That is why they support iwell financially and have made it possible for us to offer Cube in the lease variety.

The pro's for municipalitities

More sustainable

Storage of clean energy from the sun and the wind

Save money

Lower your grid connection and start saving money

Instantly applicable

Do not wait, but start making a difference today


An important building block for a flexible self-sustaining and local energy system
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