In apartment complexes the DSO costs are often unnecessary high

Experience shows that many households (especially apartment complexes) have a larger electricity connection than necessary based on their energy consumption. iwell helps them to a smaller connection. Homeowners (and homeowner associations) can save up to €1.500 (on average €750) on their energy bill to the DSO.

Tenants pay for the infrastructure necessary for the transport of electricity. This is a fixed price. These DSO costs are billed monthly. The costs are in part based on the installed connection and corresponding connection fee. A high power connection results in high costs.

How does it work?

  1. Upload here your energy bill here and we will let you know if we can identify potential savings.
  2. If we identified potential savings, we will install a professional energy logger in your household to get detailed results of your energy consumption.
  3. In the last step we help you lower your connection with the DSO.

You can choose

Gold: annual savings in euros
Save on your DSO costs annually, on average €750. No hassle and permanent financial benefits.

Green: invest your savings in further sustainability
Your homeowner association has the option to invest your savings in further sustainability of your energy supply. This is possible with solar panels and a home battery for storage and subsequent use of self-generated solar energy. This way you are self-sufficient in electrical consumption for roughly half the year. You are also less dependent on fossil fuel based energy companies without having to invest a lot of money upfront. Go here for more information on the possibilities.




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