Charging stations

Power Cube for charging stations

More cars, faster charging

Create your own sustainable energy system. From charging stations to solar panels. With the Power Cube as the beating heart that connects everything together. Sustainable, cheaper, smart.

How does it work?

If many electric cars are charging at the same time, the Power Cube quickly assists the charging stations by providing a few hours of extra power. When the first cars are fully charged or sufficient solar power is available, the Power Cube also recharges completely within an hour. Then the battery and the charging stations are ready for the next peak demand. This way, with a small grid connection, you can still easily charge the growing fleet of electric vehicles whenever it suits you best. Are you ready for the next step in sustainable driving?

Charging more cars without heavy network connection

Er komen steeds meer elektrische auto’s en dat vraagt om meer slimme laadpalen bij elkaar en steeds snellere laadpunten. De huidige netaansluiting heeft vaak niet de capaciteit om die op het gewenste moment tegelijk op te laden. Met het modulaire batterijsysteem Power Cube lost iwell dit capaciteitsprobleem snel en voordelig op. Met een relatief klein, krachtig en slim Cube systeem kunnen wij veel laadpunten toevoegen, tot wel 2x zoveel als wanneer mogelijk is door alleen Smart Charging toe te passen.

Solar panels?

Do you also have solar panels? If so, the Power Cube ensures that the solar power is used locally and effectively. Only then do you make maximum use of the sun for charging your cars. This way, you become the master of your own energy.

iwell de slimme batterijsysteem

Because of the Power Cube we can
charge cars faster, without
needing a heavier grid connection

Are you looking for a battery solution for charging stations, solar panels, or grid problems? Klik hier.

Take control with the Power Cube. It stores your sustainably generated energy for the charging stations of electric cars.

grow your company

Not investing in a
heavier grid connection

Use own generated
sustainable energy

Meet Power Cube!

System specifications

- AC power per Power Cube is 30kW (400V)
• Capaciteit batterijen is 35 kWh
- Modularly expandable in steps of 30kW(h) up to a maximum of 210kW(h)
- Dimensions: 70x60x80 (LxWxH in cm)
- Weight is 500kg per Power Cube

"I want to be a front runner when it comes to sustainability, iwell makes this possible."

– Jan Blankendaal, Blankendaal B.V.

Cube as an investment

Invest in Cube and make an important step in making your energy supply more durable.

batterij lease icoon

Lease Cube

Want to save money and be more sustainable without the investment? Discover what iwell lease can do for you.