Energy storage on a large scale

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Energy storage on a large scale

Because the supply of renewable energy in the Netherlands is increasing significantly, an oversupply of electricity is increasingly expected. In some places in the Netherlands, this is already leading to an overload of the power grid and rising prices. By working with large-scale storage systems, the generated sun or wind can be stored and fed into the power grid at a later time.

In such a case, one battery or a few batteries are not enough. Then there is a need for a mega battery. For example next to a solar or wind park, on the terrain of an energy intensive SME or power plants. Therefore iwell delivers and (if required) operates high quality large scale storage systems from 500 kW to 50 MW.

Large-scale storage systems consist of a number of storage units that together form a mega-battery. The power generated is stored in the battery and can be fed into the grid at a later date, thanks to the iwell Energy Community

As with smaller units, this can be used to regulate peak times and reduce grid costs, but the storage system can also act as back-up power when there are problems with the power grid. Large-scale storage systems increase the efficiency of a solar or wind farm and contribute to the stability of the electricity grid. iwell also offers attractive returns by allowing its customers to join Tennet's energy markets. 

The advantages of energy storage on a large scale:


Get acces to lucrative
energy markets

Save money

Lower your energy connection costs
dankzij lagere pieken in
with lower peak demands


Secure your energy supply
with back-up power


Self-sustaining with
wind and solar power

"I want to be a front runner when it comes to sustainability, iwell makes this possible."

– Jan Blankendaal, Blankendaal B.V.

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