Energy storage on a large scale

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Energy storage on a large scale

With the generation of green energy in the Netherlands rapidly increasing, there has also been an increasing number of times when a surplus of electricity appears. These local surpluses of electricity can cause local overloads on the energy grid. By offering energy storage on a large scale the overcapacity of electricity from windmills and solar panels can be stored. If the overload on the energy grid has been solved, this energy can gradually be distributed on the energy grid again.

In zo’n geval is één batterij of zijn enkele batterijen niet voldoende en is er behoefte aan een megabatterij. Hierbij kun je denken aan energieopslag naast een zon- of windpark. Samen met haar partners levert iwell daarom ook hoogwaardige grootschalige opslagsystemen van 200 kW tot 10 MW.

Similar to the smaller battery systems the mega battery can also be used to regulate the peak demands in electricity and lower your monthly energy costs.

However, the battery system can also function as a possible back up system for when there is a power outage. This large-scale energy storage increases the efficiency of a windmill park or solar field while also adding to the stability of the energy grid. The system also offers options to trade on the energy market when necessary.

The advantages of energy storage on a large scale:


Get acces to lucrative
energy markets

Save money

Lower your energy connection costs
dankzij lagere pieken in
with lower peak demands


Secure your energy supply
with back-up power


Self-sustaining with
wind and solar power

"I want to be a front runner when it comes to sustainability, iwell makes this possible."

– Jan Blankendaal, Blankendaal B.V.

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