Cube Battery System

for apartments

More than 50 housing corporations and real estate investors use the Cube. It is the solution for flats & complexes. The Cube battery system stores clean power from the sun and the wind and delivers it when needed. So you also use solar power when the sun
is not shining for a while.

But Cube can do more. The battery delivers power at lightning speed at times of very high demand. These peak moments place a heavy load on the energy network. If you reduce the peak load, you can get a lower grid connection for the apartments.

This way, you save a lot of money on monthly apartment costs. Energy use becomes not only cheaper, but also sustainable, cleaner and independent from anonymous energy suppliers.

High peaks in the energy usage.
These can not be supplied

No peaks now that the (Power) Cube stores green energy

Are you looking for a battery solution for charging stations, solar panels, or grid problems? Click here.

Housing corporation and iwell together are facing a big challenge trying to make our real-estate energy neutral. Thats why we invest in these kinds of smart innovations.

– Eddo Rats, regional director at Stichting de Alliantie

Cube as an investment

Invest in Cube and make an important step in making your energy supply more durable.

batterij lease icoon

Lease Cube

Want to save money and be more sustainable without the investment? Discover what iwell lease can do for you.

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