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Clean and affordable energy for everyone

Our vision? Clean and affordable energy for everyone. One of the biggest challenges of the modern age (of our time?). The energy transition is begging us for change. That is why many parties have endless conversations about what could and should change. But this can take so long.

We do it differently!

We are accelerating the energy transition and building tomorrow's energy supply today.
Together, we make the world more beautiful. More sustainable, cleaner and greener. With our smart batteries, we are taking steps towards a more beautiful world today. What are you waiting for?


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Jan Willem de Jong

"I prefer to change the energy world as an entrepreneur, because I believe that's how I can make the most impact. And preferably with a practical and concrete approach. Not talking about 2050, but building solutions together that make the world a better place today!

Binnen iwell is Jan Willem verantwoordelijk voor strategie en partnerships

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Vincent Ruijter

"I believe that a green, sustainable world is achievable. I put my heart and soul into the transition to a local and sustainable energy supply. But it will not happen by itself. Together with the team, I translate my ideals into smart solutions for iwell!"

Within iwell, Vincent is responsible for marketing and sales

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Harm Welleweerd

"Believe me when I say the transition to clean energy will go a lot faster then most think! Fewer waste, being smart with renewable energy en creating trustworthy sources of energy are my focal points. With a healthy dos of enthousiasm we will make this change happen."

Binnen iwell is Harm verantwoordelijk voor interne organisatie

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Michiel Wiggers

"How can we go about doing things smarter, better, faster, but most of all more sustainable? After working within real-estate for the government for many years, making practical products that add to the energy transition is a very welcome change. My knowledge of building installations and decision making within the government come in handy for this."

At iwell Michiel is responsible for the technical prodcut development.

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Klevi Mucaj

"My passion for esthetics and functional design have found their place at iwell. As an industrial designer working at iwell allows me to combine several elements form both my education and my work experience: making sure the batteries are functional off course, but also making sure they look visually pleasing!"

At iwell Klevi is responsible for the design of Cubes.

Sjors Geraedts

Slimme energiesystemen bouwen, dat is waar ik bij iwell aan bij wil dragen. Opslag is een cruciaal onderdeel om vraag en aanbod zo goed mogelijk (lokaal) op elkaar af te stemmen. Hierdoor kunnen we de elektriciteitsnetten effectiever benutten en kan de energietransitie de versnelling krijgen die er nodig is.

Binnen iwell is Sjors verantwoordelijk voor de business development en innovatieprojecten.

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Daan Barendregt

"At iwell, I can make an impact on the energy transition by realising great projects with customers and partners. In the solar panel industry, I have seen that we need to combine different solutions to achieve sustainability goals. Smart batteries are the perfect complement." 

Within iwell, Daan is responsible for maintaining client relationships in commercial real estate. 

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Joren Tangelder

"Within iwell, my challenge is to put as many smart systems as possible into the real world. With an entrepreneurial eye, as a technical project manager I am constantly looking for optimisation in the realisation process. As a business developer, I can't get enough of new, innovative applications for our systems.

 If you have a great idea for energy storage, I would be happy to help you!

Within iwell, Joren is responsible for business development and realisation.

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Frank Noy

Frank is an energetic an very capable eltrical engineer. He has a good eye for details which comes in handy when working for iwell. He is a part of assembling the systems and goes out to do possibility studies for iwell. 

Within iwell, Frank is responsible for work related to electrical engineering.

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Ritsaert Goppel

Ritsaert is electrician with a practical view. He is involved in assembling our systems and does practical aspect of our possibility studies.



Within iwell, Ritsaert is responsible for work related to electrical engineering.

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Sanne Hofhuis

"I support and facilitate the iwell team whereever I can. I make sure everything runs smoothly and the iwell employees can focus on their day-to-day tasks."

At iwell Sanne is responsible
for all facilitating business

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William Water

"I enjoy working as a team to come up with innovative solutions, optimise processes and continuously improve. I can put my experience of developing software and cloud solutions to good use. Pioneering together for a faster and smoother energy transition!"

Within iwell, William is responsible
for the iwell cloud.

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Hanneke den Ouden

"It is good to see that more and more attention is being paid to the impact that we as humans have on the environment and climate. The consequences are becoming increasingly clear. But then the question is: 'how do we solve the problems?' Although we can all do our bit, I believe that the real change will be driven by innovative companies that offer practical and cost-effective solutions. iwell is one such company that dares to think further. I am happy to use my technical knowledge for that!

Within iwell, Hanneke is responsible for the Cube software.

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Martijn Louzada

"We are facing major and complex challenges. One of them is how to deal with the climate problem, how to make sustainability future-proof. I believe in focusing on the storage and return of sustainable energy to increase the impact of decentralised green initiatives. In this way, we can work towards a new, more natural energy landscape. I am happy to commit to that." 

Within iwell, Martijn is responsible for the Cube software.

Arno Rots

iwell's battery systems generate a lot of data. I see it as a challenge to extract valuable information from this data so that the batteries can be used even more intelligently and efficiently.

Within iwell, Arno is responsible for the data analysis

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Hasib Anwar

"One thing is clear, without energy storage the energy transition is not possible! As technical project manager, it is my job to optimise the realisation process within iwell, in order to realise more energy storage as efficiently as possible with iwell's battery solutions. This gives me a lot of energy, because I am actively contributing to accelerate the energy transition!" 

Within iwell, Hasib is responsible for process optimisation and managing projects.

Jeff Fernandes

“Mijn taak is het schakelen tussen projectmanagers, installateurs, onderhoudsmonteurs en leveranciers om alles tot 1 logistiek geheel te maken. Ervoor zorgen dat klanten altijd een goede service krijgen is mijn verantwoordelijkheid. Bij iwell voel ik me jong en gedreven om samen met mijn collega’s een bijdrage te leveren voor de volgende generaties.”

Binnen iwell is Jeff verantwoordelijk voor het coördineren van projectmanagers, monteur en leveranciers.

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Kolijn Venema

"The products of iwell make it possible to accelerate the energy transition and that is what I like to do. As project leader within iwell, I mainly monitor the progress of internal product development and external projects. The goal is to work with the team to achieve the sustainability goals of iwell and our customers." 

Within iwell, Kolijn is responsible for managing internal and external projects.

Marco van der Laan

"I think we can move towards a cleaner planet without having to sacrifice human welfare. We can achieve this by clever use of new technologies such as energy storage. I am happy to use my knowledge for this purpose!

Binnen iwell is Marco verantwoordelijk voor de iwell cloud.

Mark Oude Avenhuis

"By developing financial reports and improving financial processes, I help iwell grow. In this way, I can do my bit for a greener world." 

Within iwell, Mark is responsible for the financial reporting and processes. 

Jochem van Dooremolen

"The energy transition is perhaps the most important task in our history. Through the use of intelligent battery technology, the deployment of sustainable/renewable energy can be made very effective without making heavy investments in infrastructure. The combination of sustainability and applicable innovations makes iwell a unique company."

Within iwell, Jochem is responsible for maintaining customer relations.

Nicole Rouwet

"Creating a robust supply chain gives me energy. Bringing together the right people and materials in the right place at the right time. I use my experience in various production environments to prepare iwell's operations for the future." 

Within iwell, Nicole is responsible for realisation, monitoring and suppliers.

Peter Bossers

"As technical project manager at iwell, I am in close contact with our skilled electricians in the field. In addition, I work everyday to optimise the realisation process and to realise as many of our smart battery systems for different applications as possible. What makes iwell unique for me is that with a hefty dose of enthusiasm and a concrete approach, we work towards a more sustainable world, for now and the future."

Within iwell, Peter is responsible for planning, processoptimisation and realisation.

Evelien Kars

The decisions you make today will have consequences for tomorrow. Don't you want to make decisions that make the world a better place? My contribution to this consists of support in the area of finance and subsidies. So that others at iwell can make the decisions to be more sustainable, cleaner and greener.

Within iwell, Evelien is responsible for the support in the field of finance and grants.

Richard van Dorp

“Niet te veel praten, maar gewoon gaan doen. Dat is wat me het meeste aanspreekt bij iwell. Ik geloof dat energieopslag in batterijsystemen een belangrijk onderdeel zal zijn van de energietransitie en bij iwell laten we zien dat het kan. Binnen iwell zorg ik voor de doorrekening van de mogelijkheden van een batterijsysteem voor potentiële klanten. Elke situatie is uniek en vraagt om een specifieke aanpak. Geen copy-paste, maar unieke oplossingen.” 

Binnen iwell is Richard verantwoordelijk voor lead management en Inside sales.

Steven Boerema

“Van praten naar keihard impact maken met een prachtig team van nuchtere en tegelijkertijd zeer ambitieuze en getalenteerde collega’s. En dat aan de frontlinie van de transitie naar schone energie. Schone energie op het juiste moment en in de juiste hoeveelheid!”

Binnen iwell is Steven verantwoordelijk voor Sales en Marketing

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Marc op den Kamp

“Kijk naar de geschiedenis van de mensheid en je zult zien dat technologie ons leven in een exponentieel tempo aan het veranderen is. Nadat het kwartje viel waar mensen vandaan komen, besefte ik als jonge knul dat evolutietheorie niet alleen op biologie van toepassing is. Verduurzaming kan niet snel genoeg komen, dus volgens mij ben ik als technisch natuurkundige op de juiste plek beland!”

Binnen iwell is Marc bezig met productontwikkeling en optimalisatie.

Lucas van Oosterhout

“Bij iwell bouw ik solide software en lossen we uitdagende problemen op. Bovendien helpt de software de wereld en de maatschappij stapje voor stapje verder naar fossielvrije energie. Daar word ik een blij mens van!” 

Binnen iwell is Lucas verantwoordelijk voor de software van de Cube(s).

Ravi de Berg

“De energietransitie en klimaatverandering zijn voor mij de belangrijkste uitdagingen van mijn generatie. Daarbij ligt het combineren van duurzaamheid en data voor de hand. Met goede data-analyse zijn allerlei mogelijkheden te vinden die in eerste instantie niet zo naar voren springen. Binnen iwell zorg ik ervoor dat de batterijen nog slimmer en efficiënter worden en dat we alle mogelijkheden benutten die in de data verborgen zitten.”

Binnen iwell is Ravi verantwoordelijk voor data analyse en batterijoptimalisatie

Tom Dooge

“Energie is cruciaal voor ons leven. Het is een primaire levensbehoefte. Door elektrificatie wordt de behoefte aan stabiele energie alleen maar groter. Ik geloof in een holistische benadering van de energietransitie, waarbij energieopslag een belangrijk onderdeel vormt van een bestendige en betrouwbare invulling van onze behoefte.”

Binnen iwell is Tom verantwoordelijk voor business development en relatiebeheer.

Coen van der Ven

“Jaren was is ik werkzaam in de verduurzaming van energieopwekking en het transport hiervan. Hier zag ik de problemen in energietransitie ontstaan en toenemen, waardoor de nodige stijgende verduurzaming onder andere tegen fysieke grenzen van energiedistributie begon aan te lopen. Bij iwell ben ik nu onderdeel van een oplossing.” 

Binnen iwell is Coen verantwoordelijk voor het beantwoorden van technische vraagstukken.

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