What do we want to achieve?

iwell exists because we want to make the world a little bit better. Cleaner air and water and a healthier planet. Sustainable energy is necessary to achieve these goals. Institutions move slow. We are impatient and want to break with the status quo. That is why we help build a future with a sustainable energy supply. House by house.

Alright, sounds good, building towards a sustainable future. But where do I start? The current energy network is completely aimed at transporting electricity from (fossil fuel based) power plants to your home through an elaborate and expensive infrastructure of cables and transformers. But what if you are your own energy company? Then you don’t need this expensive infrastructure and polluting power plants. You can take control. Control to be as self-sufficient as possible and 100% sustainable.

The problem is that sustainable energy has one major flaw. The sun is out during the day, when most people are away from home and don’t need electricity. The wind stops at times that your electricity consumption peaks. But the solution is around the corner. Storage of electricity combined with the use through smart software. Store your electricity in times of excess power and use it when you need it. Do you have more electricity than you can store? Share it with your neighbors and earn a few extra euros. Easy, smart and important for a healthy planet.