A battery to store electricity in your home, what are the advantages?

  • Your own power plant: use your self-generated solar energy. 100 percent green and independent from fossil fuel based energy companies.
  • Save with our battery: you don’t pay for what you don’t use. This way you’ll always have the lowest energy bill. No sun? Charge your battery at night to use the cheaper night tariffs.
  • Live monitoring of your energy consumption: insight into your energy consumption so you can adjust your consumption accordingly to save even more energy.
  • Ready for a green future: solar panels will keep their financial benefits even if there’s no more netmetering. At the same time you’re doing your part in creating a more sustainable energy system.

Scroll down for an explanation of these steps in the infographic.


How does it work?
STEP 1: Our mechanic installs our battery and the included smart software in your electrical room.
STEP 2: We connect your solar panels to our Powersis battery. No panels yet? We can help you with acquiring these.
STEP 3: Insight into your energy consumption through our Powersis app.
STEP 4: Generate and use your own energy. Your washing machine, fridge, maybe even your electric car. All powered through the sun.
STEP 5: Your home is ready for a green, decentralized future.


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