A battery to store electricity, what are the advantages?

  1. Store self-generated solar energy: generate and use 100 percent green energy, independent of fossil fuel based energy suppliers.
  2. Save on your energy bill: you don’t pay for what you don’t use. So you pay less to your energy supplier. No sun? Charge your battery at night to use the cheaper night tariffs.
  3. Live monitoring of your energy consumption: insight into your energy consumption so you can adjust your consumption accordingly to save even more energy.
  4. Ready for a green future:  solar panels will keep their financial benefits even if there’s no more netmetering. At the same time you’re doing your part in creating a more sustainable energy system.


In 2009 the national government of the Netherlands introduced capacity VvE-infographictariffs for household electricity connection. The essence is simple. The more power you use at a single point in time, the more you pay for your connection to the DSO. Consequently, a lot of apartment buildings with an elevator will pay a lot of money for these frequent peaks in power. But is this really necessary we wondered? It turns out this is not the case! In the infographic below we explain how we can improve this situation.

  1. We do this by our battery system with smart software.
  2. With this we supply the elevator with a little bit extra power when necessary, for example when it gets into motion.
  3. At the same time it enables you to monitor your energy consumption live.
  4. Maybe even more important, with this system you are ready for a green and sustainable future. Powering your apartment complex, including your elevator, with solar energy is suddenly possible.

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