Nowadays municipalities are doing more and more to decrease their footprint in this world. More electricity is coming from sustainable sources and new buildings often energy neutral. To further improve the role of the municipality in this, VNG recognized the importance of energy storage in this.

To balance the demand and supply of alternative energy sources, flexibility and storage is needed. By storing locally generated and sustainable electricity in a battery, it will be possible to use this electricity when it is actually needed. Energy storage is often seen as the missing link in the transition to a sustainable and decentralized energy supply.

iwell helps municipalities to realize their ambitions on this area.

We can offer you storage that is available today, that is economically feasible, where there is potential for a reduction in emissions, and where third parties can be stimulated to start using the benefits of storage.

Examples from other municipalities
  • The municipality of Utrecht recognizes VvE’s as an important link in the chain of sustainability. In a number of cases it is very interesting to invest in storage. But for which VvE is this the case? And for which it’s not? And what kind of storage is needed? Important questions that are often difficult to answer. Based on the results of our research it will be possible to inform the VvE with the best solution for them. The VvE can then make a decision with all the data needed.
  • Practice what you preach; start with the buildings and offices under the care of the municipality.
  • We researched the possibilities of storage at a number of schools in a municipality.
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