More and more housing cooperatives are becoming aware of their effect on the climate. That’s why sustainability in both new and existing housing is an important theme in the sector.

With solar panels, batteries and smart software, iwell proposes a solution that’s beneficial for all. Tenants lower their energy bills and get real-time monitoring of their consumption. At the same time the cooperation decreases her environmental footprint by using locally generated electricity without needing large investments.

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The advantages of the iwell home battery

  1. Reduction environmental footprint
    It is possible to use self-generated electricity for your own use.
  2. Certainty of investmentInvesting in solar panels + storage makes you flexible, regardless of what happens with netmetering regulations. So a good long term investment.
  3. Cheaper for tenantsTenants profit as much as possible from the cheaper night tariffs. Self-generated electricity can actually be used by the tenants.
  4. InnovativeInvest in the newest proven technologies to enable households to become as green and self-sufficient as possible.

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