How it works

Take control of your own energy

Ervaar de kracht van zonnepanelen, laadpalen en warmtepompen die naadloos samenwerken. Haal tegelijk het maximale uit je netaansluiting. Met de iwell batterij als het intelligente brein van jouw duurzame energiesysteem.

Three functions of Cube battery systems

Lowering current peaks

solar power

A stable network
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How it works

The Cube batteries store clean wind and solar power. They then provide power when the building or the electric cars need it. In this way, you can also use solar power when the sun is not shining.

This is how it works, but that's not all the battery system can do. At peak times, the battery delivers power at lightning speed. Or just stores excess solar power. In this way, we dampen the peaks. As a result, a smaller grid connection is possible. And you save considerably on your energy bill.

High peaks in the energy usage.
These can not be supplied

No peaks now that the (Power) Cube stores green energy

iwell Energy Community

Cube is a solution for one building. Now imagine
that all Cubes are connected to each other. Together they form a
smart and flexible network. A virtual power station. It may sound like the future, but nothing is less true.

With the iwell Energy Community, your battery contributes to
a stable energy network. Also outside the walls of your
building. Of course, only at times when the battery is not
needed in your own building for a while. Good for a sustainable energy supply.
Good for your wallet.

Save hundreds of euros each year, without having to
do anything.

The battery as the smart heart of a
sustainable energy system. Connected
with the iwell Energie Community.

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Why store energy?

The Netherlands are doing their part working towards a sustainable future. That is why we are building windmills and are covering as many houses as possible with solar panels. A great development. however, it does come with its challenges. Wind and sun are energy sources that can be very unpredictable.

Our energy grid only functions when the amount of energy generated is equal to the amount of energy used. This makes unpredictable sources of energy very difficult to balance. The wind does not always blow, and solar power is only there when the sun shines. If we do not act now, the lights in the Netherlands might literally stop shining in a few years.

If we want to get all our energy from clean but unpredictable energy sources like wind or solar power, then we need to store clean energy in times of excessive generation. We use this energy at times of shortage, thus keeping the energy grid in balance. Cube stores energy, making it a crucial link in the chain that is a sustainable energy supply.

The mismatch between generation and consumption of solar power.

Generation of solar power
Electricity usage in kWh →
Consumption of electricity
Time →

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