How Cube works

Save money and become more self-sustaining

Cube stores green (clean) energy from the sun or the wind and distributes this when needed. This way, you will be using solar power even when the sun is not shining. But Cube does more. The battery pack can supply energy quick as lightning when your building has a high demand of electricity. These peak demands cause a heavy load on the energy grid. If you lower your peak demands, you can get a smaller energy grid connection, which can save a lot of money. This does not just reduce your energy bill, but it also makes your energy (electricity) cleaner, sustainable, and it helps you gain independence from anonymous energy suppliers.

High peaks in the energy usage.
These can not be supplied

No more peaks now Cube
Stores clean energy

iwell Energy community

One cube offers the solution for one building. Now imagine all the cubes connected to each other becoming one big flexible smart energy grid. A little futuristic perhaps? Not anymore. The iwell energy community allows the batteries to connect to each other forming a smart grid. This smart grid helps lighten the load on the Dutch energy grid. Lightening the load causes a more sustainable energy grid, but it can also offer you financial gains. Start saving hundreds of euros per system, without you having to do any extra work.
Demand forecast
Production forecast
Energy price forecast

Why store energy?

The Netherlands are doing their part working towards a sustainable future. That is why we are building windmills and are covering as many houses as possible with solar panels. A great development. however, it does come with its challenges. Wind and sun are energy sources that can be very unpredictable.

Our energy grid functions only when the amount of energy generated is equal to the amount of energy used. This makes unpredictable sources of energy very difficult to balance. The wind does not always blow, nor does the sun always shine when you need it to. If we do not act now, the lights in the Netherlands might literally stop shining in a few years.
dan gaat over een paar jaar letterlijk het licht uit in Nederland.

If we want our energy to be clean, it will have to be generated by these green yet unpredictable sources like wind or solar power. We will have to store our energy in times of excessive generation. That energy can then be used at the times there is a shortage. This way we keep our energy grid balanced. Cube stores energy, making it a crucial link in the chain that is a sustainable energy supply.

The mismatch between generation and comsumption of solar power.

Generation of solar power
Electricity usage in kWh →
Consumption of electricity
Time →
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