The power grid is filling up. Traffic jam or solve it?

The Dutch electricity network is getting overloaded more and more frequent. Do we wait until we have to pay to generate energy in order to solve grid congestion or do we get to work ourselves today?

It takes too much time

It can't have escaped anyone's attention, our power network is filling up. Why traffic jams are increasingly occurring on the Dutch electricity network is explained very clearly in this video of We can of course solve this by investing heavily in cables, but if you know that just installing a transformer station takes an average of seven years, you can count on your fingers that it will not win the war.

More demand for electricity at peak times

Plus, if you run more cables, you get more of the same. To move towards a truly sustainable energy supply, we have to do it smarter! In the coming years, we will only use more electricity at peak times. Electric cooking, electric driving and electric heating result in an increased demand for electricity in the 'capillaries' of our grid. And that's what our electricity grid can't handle.

Smart control and smart energy storage

This not only requires an investment in more cables, but also an investment in smart control and smart energy storage. Only in this way can we make more efficient use of our current infrastructure. By better harmonizing local generation and local consumption, we arrive at a solution that is smarter, cheaper and more sustainable. In addition, this requires smart 'incentives' in our energy system, such as 'pricing on the electricity grid' for consumption at peak times.


Unfortunately, in the current situation and with the current regulations, these kinds of 'incentives' only come up when the need is high, sometimes 'too high'. With our smart software in combination with our smart battery system, we reduce peak currents and balance the mismatch between the generation and consumption of clean energy. Since 2016, we have been working with a fantastic team every day to ensure that our customers can still connect their solar panels, install charging stations or expand their premises, and that they do not have to wait a few years for a grid upgrade.

Also getting started?

We look forward to helping our customers with smart battery systems in 2022 as well. Together we can make energy supply in the Netherlands more sustainable and affordable! Want to know what you can do to accelerate the energy transition? Contact us, we are happy to investigate together with you how we can develop a great solution.

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