Saving nature's energy

Generating, storing and using your own energy when you want it. Independent, green, affordable. 

Take control of your own energy

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of savings on your energy bill
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self-sustaining energy
Clean power when you need it.
Not restricted by grid congestion.
Smart energy management in your own hands.
Maximize your earning potential on the energy markets.

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How it works

The Cube stores clean power, from the sun and wind, and delivers it back when needed. This way, for example, you can also use solar power when the sun is not shining for a while. 

Our smart EMS (Energy Management System) is the conductor of your own grid. The Cube charges when the price is most advantageous, the sun is shining brightly or when the fleet needs to be charge the next day.

PV Optimizer
Use solar power more efficent,
to save money and reduce
your CO2 emissions.
Virtual Power Plant trader
Maximize your profits by
entering the energy trading market
via the iwell Energy Community.
Charge Controller
Always have the maximum power
available for your charge infrastructure.

The Cubes

Power Cube

  • 30kW power
  • Expandable capacity up to 144kWh
  • Expandable power up to 60kW

Power Cube Modular

  • 62,5kW power
  • Expandable capacity up to 1MWh
  • Expandable power up to 500kW

Mega Cube Modular

  • from 500kW of power
  • Expandable capacity starting from 1MWh
  • Expandable power from 500kW

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Troubled by grid congestion?

Grid congestion is the accumulation of power in the energy grid. The phenomenon can have unpleasant consequences such as not being able to connect charging stations or solar panels. Read all about grid congestion and how you can overcome this problem.

Successful projects

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